Trip Advisor: Travelers Choice Awards

In the little spare time that I have, I love to daydream about all of the amazing places that I could travel to. My goals in life are to have a job I love, my family by my side, and to travel the world. Not to much to ask, right? Every year Trip Advisor posts their Travelers Choice Awards for travel. Fueling my daydreaming for another year….

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Best Practices for Higher Education

Here is a link to the National Education Association addressing best practices in higher education. I highly recommend that my fellow instructors take a look at the different topics addressed here. It is a very useful and interesting resource.

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Experiments for children

I think that it is very important to stimulate the wonder and curiosity for science early in childhood. Kids want to learn about the world around them and it is vital that we, as responsible parents, support and encourage this natural enthusiasm. Here is a great link to a website containing a lot of cool science info and ideas for your kids!


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The beginning…

I thought for quite a while about what I would like my first post to be about. I wanted to touch on something important to me. Something inspiring. I decided to share my favorite TED talk. I watch a lot of TED talks, so it was hard to pick just one. I’m sure many have seen this talk by the brilliant and charismatic Sir Ken Robinson entitled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” It is an excellent talk and speaks to me on so many levels. As a biology instructor and health science researcher, I believe that creativity is vital in all professions but definitely see the truth in his words about squashing artistic expression in youth. The emphasis that universities and society places on academics does a disservice to our future generations in a continuously evolving world. It is certainly a gift and responsibility that we, as educators, have to celebrate peoples’ diversity and encourage their talents and creativity in every subject. I encourage you, if you haven’t seen this talk, please take a look. It is amazing.


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